Networking Tips + a Hornblower Cruise of the San Diego Bay

August 10, 2012

Wednesday night I attended an event for all wedding industry professionals aboard the beautiful Hornblower Yacht, Inspiration.  The main purpose of events like these is to not only showcase talented professionals in the industry, but also to network.

Oh networking….I’ll be honest, networking can kind of feel like the first day of high school.  You look around as inconspicuously as possible for the kids who seem to be the most like you and then awkwardly walk up to make your introduction, praying that you don’t trip and that they like your shoes.  Just like in high school, you have to have a strategy.

I always have a strategy:

1. I try to meet up with a friend or have my assistant come along.  The buddy system is important.  And two are stronger than one.  God said it, so it must be true.

2. I never have more than 2 drinks.  Admittedly, I don’t get super nervous to meet new people, but free drinks can be tempting.  Don’t do it!  Your reputation is on the line.

3. My goal is to make 3 strong connections.  I’ve always believed that its better to know a few people really well than to have several acquaintances.

4. Obviously, wear great shoes.  This is important.  People notice.

Below are a few pics from the event….

As we entered the yacht we were handed a glass of champagne and this water wall was the first thing we saw.  AFR Event Furnishings provided all the furniture for the event which was different on all three levels of the yacht.  This water wall is so cool, completely customizable, and even has LED lights.  You can add your monogram to the wall and also have dry ice added to the bottom, which would look awesome with the LED lights.

This was a really interesting collection, completely covered in astro turf.  I had never seen anything like it!  It was neat to look at, but not super comfortable to sit on, especially in a dress.

Even the bar was covered! I think this could be super cute embellished with ribbons or paper flowers….like this….

Or like this, but obviously not so big…

Remember I mentioned having a friend in tow?  My beautiful friend, Sue.

A little souvenir.  My name was actually hand-engraved by a this kind gentleman named, Tom Bwarie, who had amazing handwriting!

San Diego Bay and Coronado Bridge

Stunning, huh?

You can’t have a party without a great band and the band Slower really got the everyone going! It turned out to be a great night with my fellow wedding peeps!

Happy Friday all!

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  • Nathan Have shot weddings and social events on a few of the boats in the Horn Blower fleet. Love the ...
  • Justin Tanner Great article Alison!

2 Responses to Networking Tips + a Hornblower Cruise of the San Diego Bay

  1. Justin Tanner on August 16, 2012 at 9:46 pm

    Great article Alison!

  2. Nathan on October 4, 2012 at 10:44 am

    Have shot weddings and social events on a few of the boats in the Horn Blower fleet. Love the bay atmosphere.

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