Gavin & Katie’s Engagement Story

November 27, 2012

Gavin and Katie are a wonderful newly-engaged couple who call the beautiful island of Bermuda their home.  Gavin is a talented professional wedding and portrait photographer and Katie works in the world of insurance.  Because Gavin is in the wedding industry he understands the logistics that go into planning a wedding and he and Katie knew that they would need help in planning their destination wedding to San Diego.  I am always honored and humbled when a couple asks me to be their wedding planner, but I am extra honored and humbled when that couple (or half that couple) is a fellow professional in the wedding industry.   I am thrilled to be Gavin and Katie’s wedding planner and so excited for them!  Check out Gavin’s post about their engagement story on his own blog.  Their love is so sweet and they know how to vacation (beautiful photos)!

Photo provided by Gavin Howarth
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